Thousands of Detroit 3 Layoffs Announced

Since the ratification of the UAW contract in October, the Detroit 3 auto makers have reported significant employee layoffs.

Reports show Ford laid-off 9,700 workers in January.

GM employees are reported to have suffered layoffs at 2 Michigan plants, totaling 1,300.

Stellantis (Jeep) is reported to have announced 4,000 layoffs that began on February 5. They also terminated 539 supplemental employees in January.

Except during the COVID-19 pandemic, HMMA has never had a layoff since the doors opened in 2004. Even during COVID, Team Members always had access to their health benefits and job security.

HMMA has a history of creating jobs, not eliminating them. In 2005, there were 2,375 Team Members. Today, HMMA employs 3,900–a 64% increase in 19 years.

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