HMMA’s Position on Unions

Third party representation of HMMA Team Members regarding the terms and conditions of their employment is not only unnecessary but interferes with the Team Built Team Strong philosophy upon which our success together is founded.

Direct, open communication when it comes to your working conditions is the best way to make sure your unique voice is heard and that the concerns most important to you are addressed.  Having a union could mean giving a shop steward or business agent as your exclusive representative the right to decide for you and other Team Members what is most important to raise with HMMA.

HMMA continues to work very hard to provide you with the best jobs and benefits in the River Region through the flexibility we now have. Remember, all the progress we have made since 2005 has been achieved without a third party.

Together, as one team, we can share in the credit of making HMMA stronger by continuing to build the safest and highest quality vehicles for Hyundai’s valued customers.