How Can the UAW Spend Member Dues?

Doral Desert Princess Resort in California. PHOTO: Randy Heinitz. Used under license.

Unions survive on the money they receive from their members in the form of dues, fees, fines and assessments. That is one reason they want you to become a member of their union.

Each year, UAW members pay hundreds of millions of dollars in union dues, which are the first 2.5 hours per month of pay, automatically deducted after taxes.

For example, a worker making $25/hour may pay at least $750 a year in dues. Plus, they charge 1.44% of all bonuses received.

Over the life of a union contract your member dues can add up to thousands of dollars. And, over the course of your career, it could be over ten thousand dollars that you could have spent on other things your family wants and needs.

The UAW is required each year to file a document called “LM-2” which reports some of the union’s spending and financial flow. Of the over $288 million reported by the UAW in its 2022 filing, how much did it spend on behalf of individual members? According to its current LM-2 report: $0

So, what has the UAW spent its money on?

From 2013 to 2018, union members assisted in funding UAW’s payment of $43 million on lavish hotels and resorts.

The UAW spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City and luxury resorts in Florida and California. 

At the Sirata Beach Resort in St. Petersburg, for example, the union spent more than $232,655. And a single leadership conference at the Doral Desert Princess Resort cost $288,040. 

A federal investigation found more than a dozen union officials were guilty of wrongdoing, including spending union money to maintain their extravagant lifestyles, including tens of millions on lavish stays at hotels and resorts, private jet travel, limos, and boat rentals.

The UAW also spent $40 million of their members’ dues on recruiting more dues-paying members from non-union automakers.

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