Why Unions Don’t Have to Keep Campaign Promises

Did you know that–by law–unions do not have to keep the promises they make during a union campaign?

That’s right. They can promise higher pay, better benefits, favorable schedules, and even more vacation. But they don’t have to keep the promises.

In a legal ruling known as The Smith Company, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) described union promises, such as those the UAW has been making, as nothing more than unenforceable “campaign propaganda.” [192 NLRB 1098, 1971 NLRB LEXIS 161 (1971)]

The ruling reads, in part:

Employees are generally able to understand that a union cannot obtain benefits automatically by winning an election but must seek to achieve them through collective bargaining.”

The Smith Company 192 NLRB 1098

That means you can’t really pin your hopes on a union’s promise. 

For example, UAW leadership said they were going on strike to win a 40% pay increase, a four-day work week, and a pension for the Detroit 3. However, they did not deliver on what they promised.

Why can you not count on their promises?

Because the law will not make sure they keep them.

Yet, the company is barred by law from promising things like pay raises, or other benefits to influence an employee’s vote. Here’s what you can expect us to communicate:

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