What “Exclusive Representation” Means

Some Team Members are asking themselves this question: Will I be forced to have union representation?

The answer is, if a majority of Team Members sign a union card, or vote Yes in a union election and a union is certified, every Team Member will be represented by the union.

Since Alabama is a right-to-work state, you won’t be forced to join the union, but it will be your exclusive representative to HMMA management on a range of very important issues.

Under the law (the National Labor Relations Act), it is illegal for a company to bargain with individual team members where a union has been certified as their representative. The law reads, in part:

Once a collective-bargaining representative has been designated or selected by its employees, it is illegal for an employer to bargain with individual employees, with a group of employees, or with another employee representative.

National Labor Relations Act

If a union is certified, it means giving up your right to deal directly with our management team when it comes to your working conditions. The union will have the right to decide for you what’s most important to raise with us.

That’s why HMMA believes it is important you do not sign a union card (or e-card).