How the Union Organizing Process Works Today

And why a new ruling means you may not get to vote in a secret ballot election

In the past, workers could count on voting in a secret ballot election to determine whether or not a union would represent them.

That’s not a sure thing in today’s world.

The rules have changed to make it easier for unions to organize without having to go through an election at all. That means employees should consider carefully their decision whether to sign a union card (or e-card).

Be sure you have all the facts before signing anything. Whether to sign a union card may be the few decisions you get to make. Signing a card could be like voting “Yes” in an election.

If the union has a majority of signed cards in your department or the plant, then it can go to the Company and demand to be recognized as the bargaining agents for all the employees in that department or plant.

Think before you sign–you may not ever have the opportunity to change your mind and vote “No” later.