Are Unions Different in a “Right to Work” State?

Some Team Members may believe believe it does not matter whether a union is brought in to the HMMA Montgomery facility because Alabama is a Right to Work state.


“Right to Work” means no person can be required to maintain union membership as a condition of employment. In other words, the union cannot demand that a Team Member be fired for failing to pay union dues.

But you will still be affected by a union at HMMA regardless of whether you join.

First, unions are currently trying to get Congress to take away Right to Work legislation.  This means employees in unionized facilities could be required to maintain union membership in order to keep their jobs. Second,  if your facility is unionized all employees in the bargaining unit are represented by the union – even those employees who choose not be union members. You would lose the ability to deal directly with management when it comes to the terms and conditions of your employment.

Introducing a union could alter the workplace culture and dynamics in a way that is not favorable to Team Members, potentially leading to adversarial relationships with management. You are part of the workplace culture regardless if you are in the union. 

Anything detracting from HMMA being one team could undercut our competitiveness and productivity.

The question of unionization is an important one — even in a Right to Work state. That’s why HMMA believes it is important you do not sign union cards (or e-cards).”